Every time you obtain a new shared website hosting plan, it is generated on a server and the entire process usually takes a while, in addition to the validation and processing of your payment, which most companies make personally. When you acquire a dedicated server, for instance, the configuration takes even longer since the machine has to be assembled, installed and tried so as to guarantee that it'll work efficiently. This is the reason why various suppliers have a one-time fee to cover the time and efforts used on your brand new account. The cost, which sometimes is high, is generally not listed on the front page, and you will see it on the checkout or payment page, thus you won't be aware of it before you've already gone through the whole signup process and you may even overlook it if you do not pay close attention.
Setup Fee in Shared Website Hosting
Our shared website hosting packages do not have any kind of installation costs or any other concealed fees by and large. If you purchase an account, we will process your fee at once and then the account will be created and activated by our system instantly. The total price that you'll be required to pay for the web hosting plan will be identical all around - on your front, order & payment pages, and you won't notice or be charged anything besides that price at any time. That is valid even if you purchase several accounts as it's our belief that developing trust is far more important than getting several more dollars. Our account activation will be instant, thus you can go ahead and begin setting up your web sites immediately.